Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Homemade Gift Ideas

I am drawn more and more to homemade gift ideas. Probably thanks to all of the awesome craftiness I find on the web. Tonight for your viewing pleasure, I shall show you two such projects that I have completed lately. The first is an idea I found here I tweaked it just a bit. I used thick wrapping paper that I found at a thrift store for $.25. I cut it to 8x11.5'' and then taped it to a piece of cardstock to give it more weight so it wouldn't tear as it printed. I purchased the frame for $4 at Walmart. I then presented it to Miguel for Valentine's day.

You just use a dry erase marker and write directly on the glass. It then wipes right off for you to surprise your hunny with another reason you love them.

I simply love this idea, as it makes me slow down from the busyiness of just living and think daily about why I love Miguel. (Not that I have to think hard or anything, but I think some times we forget to focus on why we love them as much as we may look at this flaw or that they leave dirty laundry laying around)

My second gift idea for my dear readers tonight, is something else I made for Christmas. This summer, I asked my sisters to be on the lookout for cloth placemats. My sisters Nicole scored some really nice ones for I think $.25 each. I dried lavendar and lemon balm from my garden.

I then purchased a big bag of rice. I was trying very hard to learn to sew, with the help of my sister Maria, but Nicole and I's sewing machine needs a new part. So, a week before Christmas my aunt Keila came to the resue, which is nothing new. lol We folded the placemats longwise and then Keila sewed a seam, leaving the top open. We cut off the excess and then turned them inside out to you wouldn't see the stitches as much. We then mixed the dried lavender, lemon balm, and rice together and poured it into the pouch we had just made out of the placemat. We filled them about half full. Next, Keila sewed the open closed. We repeated this process until I had enough for everyone. Now the gift recipent just has to microwave this for about a minute and place it on his or her aches and it will release a soothing essence of lavender and lemon. I also made everyone homemade cleaners.

Hope this gives you all some more gift ideas if you need some in the near future! Blessings!