Friday, February 11, 2011

Smart Sister and Staircase Redo

Well I have a smart sister. She said the reason I may not be able to upload pictures to the blog is because there were too big. Well sister was correct. So I now can post pictures. Yippee! So of course I started with my beautiful little girl. She is two now. How time flies. She is almost potty trained and talks quite a bit. (Not sure where she got that from.) =) She really likes Barney, animals, her family and is just generally a happy, busy girl. Now that I can post pictures I will be adding some more through the next couple of weeks so you can all be updated on her.
Well we are almost finished with the upstairs of our home. 3 out of the 4 rooms are drywalled, electrical work finished, flooring in and most of the moulding in. We (which means Miguel with help from me when I know what I am doing) just have to finish putting up some moulding and the last room needs to be mudded, painted, flooring installed, and moulding. It is feeling soooo good! One pretty big project was our staircase. Have you ever seen a staircase that is over 100 years old? Well get ready people, it is not pretty!

Lovely huh? The front part of the stairs were breaking off, there were cracks, not to mention drywall mud, primer and paint all over them. It w
as simply a horrible sight. And then enters my talented husband. We had to buy all new risers and treads because they were just in too bad of shape to save. So I painted the risers white with free paint from Me
nards. Seriously any home fixer uppers out Menards ads. They do rebates A LOT and one they do semi-frequently is paint that ends up being free. Then I stained the tread parts with Jocobean stain. I sanded and stained the banister in the same color. Now it was hubby's turn to rip up all of the old and install new. There is still some parts we need to fill in with wood filler and some more moulding, but over all I think the end results is a far cry better than what we started with.

I am loving it! Also, notice my cute helper who loves to "help it mom". I have to give credit to a really neat blog that my sister referred me to.

Its She also redid her staircase and inspired me with the look that she went with.

So, that is one project we have been up to. Of course there will be more to follow, especially since you can now see pictures. And I shall leave you with another of my Miss Adaliah....


  1. Look at Miss Adaliah! she is such a cutie!!
    The staircase looks great! Very very nice! Sometimes all we need is a little inspirations and WALAH!

  2. That's my niece, you could even say she's my favorite niece

  3. Lindsey~ Thanks very much for your comments on Addie and the staircase. Yes, sometimes when I am not motivation, I hop online and start reading decoring blogs and it motivates me. I'm weird I guess. Maria~ I'm pretty sure she is your only niece right now. =)

  4. I am impressed with the improved staircase!

  5. Wow! Look at Miss Adaliah! What a beauty! Oh and those stairs look pretty great!! I remember them being a little rough and now they are awesome!! It's amazing what a good woman can motivate a Calderon man to do! Heehee! We are hoping to be able to visit you guys this year, fingers and toes crossed. Keep sending pics! Love, Jodie & the family

  6. Wow! Love the staircase! It made such a difference! And that little Adaliah! How she's grown into such a big girl... and, pretty, too!