Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring Thoughts

Well life had been pretty busy around noted from my lack of updates. Valentine's Day has come and gone. Miguel and I said we were not going to get each other anything since we are trying very hard to save for projects around the house but he came home from work and this was sitting on the table as I got up to get ready for church; a dozen red roses, chocolate, and a card that sings. Needless to say I felt very special. We have been having A LOT of snow... to borrow a phrase from my sister Maria...I am starting to feel like I am in a snow globe. We aren't the only ones with a lot of the white stuff though. I heard that Hawaii is the only state right now that does NOT have snow on the ground. Weird huh?It is kinda hard to tell from this picture, but we had probably 3-4 foot drifts in our yard and I was off work, since I work at a school, for a week.
So with all of this white stuff I started thinking about Spring (since it is only 20 some days away) and with Spring comes thoughts of my garden. I love to garden. I can't say I am much good at it and I don't have the budget right now to do too much with my blank canvas that we call a yard. I also enjoy my vegetable and herb garden. So....does anyone else that reads this enjoy gardening and if so I would love to hear your gardening advice or your favorite plant/flower. Let's start thinking some Spring thoughts people!


  1. How funny...maybe I should have read your blog before I wrote mine. Spring must be the theme tonight!!! I dunno what I'm gonna plant this year...but this years garden should be alot better than the last two years, I will NOT be pregnant for this one! :)

  2. Man you must have been up late! I finished this post around 11:30 and I wake up and I have a comment from my night owl sister. I will help how ever I can with your garden if you want. I think you should be in charge of the cukes...they seem to like your soil. My garden never produces them like yours does.

  3. I didn't want to be up that late..but you know how it goes :/