Thursday, May 27, 2010

May Flowers....

Well, welcome again to my little slice of the world wide web. I do apologize for not being more faithful in updating, as pointed out gently by my sister in law. =) April and May are always very busy times for us. But now....(big sigh of relief) my vegetable garden is in and EVERYTHING is marked off of my "Outdoor 2010 Project List" thanks to my dear, motivated husband. Isn't it wonderful what a little sunshine will do to your spirits and motivation level after almost two weeks of rain, rain, and more rain? So, now I shall share with you what we have been doing.

First Miguel is still on third shift weekends. This is pretty rough for us because he rarely gets to go to church since he works 12 hours on Saturday night and every other Sunday night. Also his days off are Mon, Tues, and Wed..and I work every Mon., Tues, and Wed night. We are so thankful to God in this current economic times for our jobs, which we usually enjoy and pay the bills...but could you please pray for us that Miguel could get on days? We would really appreciate it. Also, most of you know I have worked under a Federal Grant for 7 years now teaching Relationship Education. It always amazed me that I get to step into public schools and teach things that I was raised believing. Two years ago the organization that I was working for lost our state funding, so the counties that I taught in were cut from the budget. Another organization hired me on doing the same thing. They, and all organization that teach Relationship/Abstinence Education, have had their monies revolted. This is no surprise to me with the stance of the current administration. So, once again I am at a cross road. My heart's desire is to be at home, but I also believe in what I do and my pay check is needed at this time. Surprisingly, I am at peace. I know as a Christian woman that should not surprise me, but I am gonna be real. I like order and I always try to have our next steps mapped out. Me losing my job right now was not in "our plan". Normally this would stress me out. Maybe, just maybe God has been able to teach me something in my 27 years on and obey. Being completely real....I love God with all my heart and I love having him to rest on, but me in my natural personality likes to see a problem, form a plan, and march forward. I have no plan and I am ok. And you know what...that makes me smile. I am learning and being molded. I am not perfect, not even close, but I will take the baby steps towards the imagine He wants of me.

Next, our Spring Projects. As stated earlier, Miguel has been working very hard. We have completely reorganized the front flower beds and added two new flower beds. Miguel basically rebuilt our shed. We were blessed to have a shed that came with our property since we have no garage. BUT..the shed was tipped on its side and missing walls when we purchased our house. So, Miguel put new OSB on the walls, making it more secure and structurally sound, new shingles, and he put on barn siding that we painted. It looks great. So now it is more functional and not such an eye sore. Next, he installed an outdoor ceiling fan on our side porch so we could have lighting and a nice breeze in the heat of August. It all doesn't sound like much, but with putting in our garden on top of this our outdoor work list took probably almost two months total to complete.

Finally, one of our most favorite topics....our baby. =) Adaliah is growing up so quickly. (I am told they do that) I am really loving this stage. It is such a joy to see the world through her eyes. Bright eyed wonder at what we deem the "little things". Flower petals, dirt, and just exploring and touching every new thing. (I don't always have this kind of attitude about all the exploring and touching but I really try!) She is starting to talk more and says "Ready, Set, Doe!!" many times a day. She also likes to smell things lately and just randomly wrinkles up her nose and "sniff, sniffs". Also, please let me be proud for just a second. She is really learning to put two and two together. One day when I was at work, Miguel went upstairs to get Addie some clothes. He shut the door so she couldn't follow him. Wellllll, we live in a fixer upper remember so the door to the upstairs only has the knob on one side. So, Addie pulled it out. Miguel comes downstairs and sees the dilemma. He thought he was going to have to climb out a window and jump off the roof. He heard her come over to the door. He told her "baby, put it back" and he heard Adaliah messing with the door knob. He said she tried and tried and started to get frustrated. He figured she would just give up and go else where and he would be back to the jumping off the roof option. He kept encouraging her...."come on you can do it". Finally after about 5 minutes of this, Adaliah got the door knob back to the door and Miguel could get back downstairs minus the jumping off the roof. She has always been so healthy, we are so blessed. She had a bout with a skin thing but she is fine now.

Well, this is quite lengthy now!! So sorry. I will update ASAP with pictures of all of our before and after pictures of our spring projects and more pictures of Adaliah. I do hope you enjoyed the update and I will try to be more faithful! God's blessings on you!

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  1. I would like to point out that Adaliah was looking at me in that pic...or at least my truck pulling it at the time