Friday, January 14, 2011

Your Choice

There was a battle raging and choices had to be made
Amid the smoke and noise the soldier had to have his mind set
This battle escaped no one regardless of gender or age
The choice of weapon was crucial and the answer had to be determined before the enemy was ever met
Both choices of weapon had their cons and pros
One was a nuclear warhead with the power of destruction on a grand scale
It was the latest in technology, the most accurate, wiping out the eneny high and low
With this weapon there was a guarantee that one could not fail
The next choice of weapon was a pile of rocks
Damage could be done but one needed to be in close range and accurancy was not for sure
No guarantees were given on this choice of weapon and one needed to remember that the enemy was as wise as a fox
Though the enermy had never been met, the soldier knew he was as deadly as a disease with no cure
So the soldier considered carefully the weapons before him
He then made his choice to be known, the rocks were his selection
Ludiccrous! Why had he made this choice? From what did the choice stem?
In reply, he stated that the rocks are not as heavy nor do they require as much mental recollection
The soldier said that he did not need to invest as much energy or time
If the nuclear warhead had been chosen, study on it would beed to be done and they are not as easy or convenient to have
I can see heads shaking about the choice the soldier made, surely he has lost his mind
Why would be chose rocks over something so powerful, like having a lion fight a baby calf
But do not be so quick to judge this soldier's choice
Many of us make the same one day after day
We chose to carry our own burdens refusing to lift them up in prayer as though we have no voice
Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have but we choose to do it all our own way
So dear soldier in this battle so grand
Your weapons are before you, doing it in your own strength or bringing it to God in prayer
Waling alone or holding on to the great Creator's hand
So make your choice here today on the battlefield, but remember choices make us who we are layer upon layer

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