Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well dear readers, you are in for a treat! Almost two months without an update and now you will get two in one day. You see, I am humbled to admit I was given a blogging award by my friend Lindsey from www.mrsbucks.blogspot.com and my sister Maria from www.nehemiahsmommy.blogspot.com. Also the little one is taking a nap so I thought I better seize this chance. Thanks guys for the award. Really appreciate it. So I now have to tell you seven facts about myself and list my favorite seven bloggers.

  1. I am living my dream. I always wanted a loving husband and children with my own house and gardens and animals. =)

  2. I love to travel! I have been to numerous states and to Scotland, Ireland, London, Paris, Canada, and Mexican. I still have many other places I want to go see.

  3. I secretly dream of having some of my writings published some day. (Ok now it's not much of a secret) lol

  4. I hate to put laundry away. It usually rivals Mount Everest before I MAKE myself fold it and put it all away.

  5. I still dance around the house to music when I clean or work on projects

  6. I love to browse around Forever 21 but I have only bought something there once when I was like 16. (Its the thrifter in me....I can't pay $25 for a shirt no matter how much I like it)

  7. God is STILL working on me and showing me things that are not like our perfect example Jesus, so please be patient with me!

And now my 7 picks are in no particular order................

www.mrsbucks.blogspot.com Lindsey always has some interesting thought or some beautiful pictures

www.nehemiahsmommy.blogspot.com Maria is such a faithful updater and has great pics of beautiful people (my neice and nephew)

www.trippingoverflatsurfaces.blogspot.com Jeanie is always so down to earth

www.theagapetree.blogspot.com Jen makes me laugh out loud

www.missamericaandmisterbelgium.blogspot.com I love to see Leahs adventures overseas and get slightly jealous with all the countries she has visisted. =)

www.gensiscostner.blogspot.com Gen is always so uplifting

All the decorating/ home improvement blogs I follow that have like 10,000 followers so they won't even know I gave them this award. lol

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I'll put away your laundry.....and you can put away mine. Deal?

  2. No, no, no you have more people. You are trying to trick me aren't you?

  3. Thanks Steph!! :) I'm with you on the laundry! haha

  4. My laundry is all put away! I think the only days where that happens is Thursday/Friday, because I run the washer, Saturdays/Sundays, then everything is hanging out to dry and normally it takes until Wednesday that everything gets put away...