Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two Months Worth

Ok my friends, I come and humbly beg forgiveness again for my lack of updates. I do have a good excuse.....I'm back working. My stay at home mominess didn't last long. Let me explain. We have had this problem with our water since we moved in almost 5 years ago. Say if I do a load of laundry and some dishes, I am out of water for 2 hours or so. Kinda annoying people. Do you know how fun it gets trying to coordinate showers, laundry, dishes, watering the garden, etc? So, I finally broke down and called a plumber and................ wait for it people................God's still teaching me something...............they were drilling a well the next day. Yep, our well was 84 feet deep and they said that should have be plenty deep but we only had about 12 feet of water, hence why we would run out. So they had to dig a new well 182 feet. Needless to say, this took almost every cent we had been saving for our anniversary trip to Hawaii and for my new kitchen. Then my SUV has been acting up AGAIN and Miguel said he was tired of sinking money into something that we don't even wanna drive since gas is $4.15 a gallon. God sent someone to us the next day who bought it. Then hubby decided to use that money and the rest of our saving and he bought a scooter. This is what it looks like.... Miguel's work also has slowed down. We are so very grateful that he still has a job, just went from working around 60 hours a week to no overtime. With all of this in mind when I got the call that my one job needed someone to cover for the night secretary temporarily, we decided that this was a good thing for right now. That job ends this week though, so I am hoping to stay on top of everything better.

Since we have had a few warm, non rainy days...and I do mean a few, we have been trying to get our outside projects finished. Miguel is building me a formal English Herb Garden and we have relocated my veggies garden. I can not wait to show you the end results. Its gonna be beautiful. Here are a few projects that I have finished over the best two months.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Took the basket on the right and took off all of the fall colored yarn and spray painted it and added new ribbon to match Adaliah's room. Did this to four baskets.

Only cause I love you all do I show this next set of pictures. We have a lot of storage, but some of it isn't finished yet. I am trying to get better organized so I decided to start with the closet under the staircase. This is where the bulk of Adaliah's toys are and it seems like everything gets dumped into it. As can be seen by the following picture.

Isn't it awful!?!?!

All of this was in this.........

I am shuddering. So I took everything out, sorted through it and got rid of some and put others in their proper place. Then I painted the paneling and shelving, ripped out the carpet, sanded and stained the floored and here it is..........

She's excited about this too.

So that's about two months worth of updates. We are about finished with several other projects that I will share with you all soon. I will leave you with a thought that God has been dealing with me lately from a thought from William Branham. A water lily labors to get up into the sunlight from the muck and mire at the bottom of the pond. You would think that it could now just kick back and relax. It labored hard and now it should be able to enjoy the sunlight it worked so hard to get to. But do you know what the lily does instead? It opens itself up and let's any insect draw strength from it. The insects all take from the lily that worked so hard to get to the top. But you know what? The lily lets them willingly. We as Christians should do no less. Yes, life is so hard. Yes, it seems like the battles are more frequent. But no where are we suppose to curl up and say that's it. I can't help anyone. I have nothing to give. Christians, that's our job! To tap into Jesus' strength so people can draw from us. It doesn't stop until we are home with Him. Please do not think I am rebuking anyone. I am talking to myself. I have felt so much in survival mood lately. Yes, this year has not been easy. Yes, I have suffered some deep wounds. But you know what...there are other hurting people and I just feel Jesus whispering to me, "It's time to focus on them, not yourself. Cuz when you are so wrapped up in your own hurt you can not see others' pain. Be like the water lily." God bless you all. You are loved by me and God. =)


  1. That was for Me Steph! Thanks for posting about being a Lily What a beautiful reminder :)

  2. Sounds like you have been one busy lady! Your improvements in the storage room look fantastic!

  3. Lindsey~ It has really spoke to me as well. Trying to live my life like that. Glad it spoke to you too!
    Leah~ Thanks for your nice words! Glad to see all is well with you!

  4. Love and miss you all!

  5. Auntie Canti :)