Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Homemade Christmas

Good Evening All! Well, it is finally starting to look like winter in our neck of the woods. =) I am glad. I would so much rather have the white stuff than the rain, rain, and more rain we have been having. This Christmas the majority of my presents I am making myself. (I know, I know this should be REALLY interesting coming from the queen of big ideas that flop) lol

I can not share most of my ideas until after Christmas, because the recipients of said presents read my blog. I can share one idea though because no one in my family is receiving this present.

A couple of years ago I went to a Christmas Open House at a kitchen store. I came away with a stand by idea for the coffee or hot chocolate lover....chocolate spoons. My sisters and I have been picking up cool, unique vintage spoons at garage sales and thrift stores all year. I sterilize them first and then the fun begins.

You melt almond bark or any sort of chocolate that you use to make chocolate dipped pretzels or strawberries. I just melt mine in the microwave. Then you drop in candy flavoring oil. I always use peppermint but there are tons of flavors. I got a two pack of the oils for $2.00 and the chocolate was just under $4.00 I believe. I forget how many pounds of chocolate were in the package I used. I used an entire bottle of the oil that you pour into the chocolate after you have melted it. Then you simply dip your spoons into the chocolate and set them on wax paper until they harden.

I then take the completed spoons and put them in a mug with a ribbon. Now, the next time the person sits down to enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, when they stir it they get an extra flavoring of chocolate and peppermint. =)

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  1. Thanks Lindsey! I'm not a coffee drinker but I love them in hot chocolate.

  2. Very cool! :o)
    ~Becca H.

  3. Thanks Becca. Super easy, trust me. =)