Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Shutdown 2011

Welcome back from the Holiday Season 2011! I didn't do much blogging during the holidays because not only was I busy hosting Christmas, having Adaliah's 3rd birthday and Micah's 4th birthday on January 2nd (pictures will follow in another post about our birthday adventures), but Miguel was on shut down from work for a week so we took that time to turn my kitchen into this.....

Ok...so it really looks more like this right now....

But seriously if you close your eyes real tight and use your imagination my kitchen kinda sorta looks like the first picture. Ok. I can see no one is buying that! lol That first picture is one of my inspiration photos from www.pinterest.com. Love that site! If you have not been on it and need an invite, email me and I would be happy to let you in on all the fun.

Back to my kitchen. We did spent the majority of Miguel's shut down totally gutting the kitchen. So, (insert a happy dance here) we are on our way to my new kitchen! Goodbye green floors from who knows when, adios rose paneling and ugly ceiling tile. Hopefully within the next couple months I can show you the finished results. =)

I realized I have not shown you my new front door. We purchased it at Lowes and had them install it and we could not be happier. They did an excellent job and I love how it changes the whole feel of the front of the house. It definitely is way more in line with Miguel and I's style than the previous door.

Sorry, not sure why the picture flipped but I couldn't get it fixed so please just tilt your head. Thanks! This is just a reminder of what the old door looked like.

I will leave you with some pictures from Christmas. Enjoy your day and blessings!


  1. Oh you make me laugh Steph! :D
    The front door is beautiful, perfect touch with the glass! I really like it...AND your new kitchen! Wowza!! hehe I think a kitchen make over would probably be my favorite room...since I'm in it, around it...or looking at it all the time! hehe Hey I would loooove a pintrest invite btw ;) Christmas family picture is adorable! You are beautiful as always! :) Rich blessings!

  2. Hey Stephanie, where did you find the picture of my kitchen??!! Just joking, but seriously that is my dream kitchen. Anyway, I just want to thank you for all the sweet comments you leave me! I am also thankful we are both fixin' upin' our homes together. I love the colors in your house, and of course you have a lovely family! Keep me posted on your kitchen, I would live to see more of your ideas! Lord Bless!!

  3. Lindsey~ Glad I could make you laugh today! I am so happy to be at this stage of my house but I must say the kitchen is the most stressful. I've never had to worry about the measurements of where outlets should go or how to configure everything so you aren't running into the fridge when you open the dishwasher etc. I emailed you an invite to pinterest. Let me know if it works ok. Thanks for your sweet words on our picture. Made my day. =)
    Betsy~I, too, am glad we can be on this journey of remodeling together! Thanks also for YOUR sweet words. Always makes me happy to reconnect with people via the world wide web.

  4. Got the invite! Thanks you very much Stephanie :D It has inspired a couple suppers and crafts already!! Yaaay